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Williamsburg is a trendy part of NYC that shouldn’t be missed.
It’s a neighbourhood in the borough of Brooklyn with a strong identity. In fact, this is where the modern hipster movement was born.

Originally, in the 1940s, the term hipster defined middle class white youths seeking to emulate the lifestyle of black jazz musicians they followed.
In early 2000, the term was re-used to define middle and upper class young adults who immerse themselves in alternative culture of every kind (film, music, literature, fashion, food…) to avoid conforming to mainstream trends. 
The paradox is that hipsters are new trends creators, whose non-confomist ideal is diluted to everyone copying them (wearing the same clothes, going to the same spots…) And people using the word ‘hipster” as a pejorative don’t even know that they are behind most of the new trends they follow…
Nowadays, hipsters are less defined by their attitude than by their look.
For me, the archetype of a hipster, is a man with a beard, combed hair and tattoos.
During the day, he wears a washed tight pair of jeans rolled up with a checked shirt opened on a white t-shirt.
At night, he wears a tight pair of jeans or thigt and short suit pants with a white shirt rolled up, a bow tie and suspenders.
I’m not a huge fan of the hipster look but I can’t deny that they have really good tastes to find new spots.
We went to Williamsburg on a Sunday. Definitely not the best day but we didn’t have any other options.
We took the L line until Bedford Avenue and then walked in some parallel and perpendicular streets before actually joining Bedford Avenue. 
It was interesting to notice that not that many people go further than Bedford Avenue. Don’t take my wrong, Bedford Avenue is a nice place full of independent shops and restaurants, each with a proper identity. But it was very packed. 

We began to be hungry so we decided to try our luck in a less known street. This is how we found an Italian restaurant called “Acqua Santa”. 

The place was great. It was like being in a garden, surrounded by grapevines and other kinds of plant (but don’t ask me which…). 

I ordered a Margherita, my favourite pizza after the Hawaiian that we don’t find everywhere. I don’t understand why and consider that it should be a classic by now but apparently not everybody agree, especially my boyfriend who thinks that it’s a super weird pizza. Anyway! 

I didn’t expect the pizza to be so huge and so delicious. 

The crust was extremely thin and the products used very fresh. Actually, it was one of the best, if not the best, pizza that I’ve ever eaten in my life! My boyfriend, who took the Tagliatelle alla carbonara, was jealous. But, in an act of extreme kindness, I gave him a slice.

Then, we continued on our way off Bedford Ave and found the perfect place for a dessert: “WHOOPS! Bakeshop”. 

I was more than full but I managed to find a little room for a treat, as always! Like Oscar Wilde, I can resist resist everything but temptation.

We went for 6 macarons (coconut, passion fruit, rose, pumpkin, red velvet, and cookie & cream) and a cold chai latte. 
The pumpkin flavour was very interesting and surprisingly good but the winners were coconut and passion fruit.

After that, we found a huge vintage shop called Junk. I don’t like to buy in vintage shops but I like to have look around. Maybe that one day I will change my mind. 
And finally, we spotted some nice pieces of street art. 
We only spent a couple of hours in Williamsburg so we didn’t have time to explore it well. But I’ll come back. I’ll even consider the idea of finding an accommodation there. It must definitely be cheaper than in Manhattan and it’s only a stop away from East Village by Metro.

Acqua Santa
556 Driggs Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211

WHOOPS! Bakeshop
548 Driggs Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211

567 Driggs Ave,
Brooklyn, NY 11211

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