Tomato tart recipe

I love tomato tart.
It’s a dish that my mother often makes during Summer time.
I didn’t even try to make one in London because of the poor quality of tomatoes.

But when I’m back home for a few days and the tomato season is still on, it’s one of the few dishes that I always ask my mother to make.

It’s an extremely simple recipe and the result is delicious.

In France, we find very good “ready tart dough”.  So basically, we only have to prepare the tomato sauce.

You can make the tart dough yourself if you want but it will take more time  and you will not find the recipe here because it’s too much work for me!

-Tart dough
-Thyme and rosemary -Grated cheese
-Salt & pepper


Pre-heat the oven at 185°C

Tomato sauce:

-Chop the tomatoes
-Cut an onion and peel a part of a garlic clove
-Put some olive oil in a pan or a wok
-Add the tomatoes, onion and garlic
-Add some thyme and rosemary
-Add some salt, pepper and sugar
-Let stew until the sauce has reduced

Tomato tart:
-Put the tart dough on a tart plate
-Pour the tomato sauce on it
-Put grated cheese to cover a part or the whole tart, as you prefer
-Put in the oven
-When the dough is gold and the cheese is gratinated, the tart is readyTomato-2Btart-2B4
It’s the perfect summer dish: you can eat it hot or cold, for lunch or dinner.
Just add some salad to complete the meal.

Bon appétit!


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