The Nordic Bakery in London

When I entered The Nordic Bakery, I was hit by the delicious smell of cinnamon.
The place is small but has the charm of a little coffee shop as we found so many in Norway and Sweden.
All their products are based on genuine Nordic recipes and ingredients. They offer a selection of open rye bread sandwiches and cakes, which will depend of the day and the time you go. So from one time to another, you’ll find different things to try.
We opted for a lingonberry (mountain cranberries) bun to share with a hot chocolate for me, and a Cappuccino for my boyfriend.
The bun was flavoured with a touch of cardamom, which surprised and delighted me.
Even if I must confess that I was a bit disappointed not to find more Norwegian cakes, I know it’s a place I’ll come back, if only to try the cinnamon buns that were sold.
They have 3 locations in London: Golden Square / New Cavendish St / Dorset St.

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