The Conran Shop Marylebone in London

I got acquainted with The Conran Shop by my mother when I was about 8 and she bought the Bookworm Bookshelf in blue color. 
I really liked this piece of furniture because it was adjustable according to the space around or the owner’s desire. This idea of modulation is pure genius.
And we owe this genius to Sir Terence Conran, an English designer, restaurateur, retailer and writer born in 1931.

Founded in 1973, The Conran Shop’s roots are in London, where it was responsible for the revival of the historic Michelin House building on Fulham Road, Chelsea. 
The Conran Shop has since grown up with stores in Marylebone, Paris and Japan (3 in Tokyo, Nagoya, Fukuoka and Osaka) to become a leading luxury retailer offering a covetable edit of furniture, lighting, home accessories and gifts from some of the most iconic and up-and-coming designers from around the world.
The Conran Shop is dedicated to providing an unbeatable shopping experience thanks to carefully curated products. Furnitures are contemporary but comfortable and accessories are elegant but practical thanks to Sir Terence Conran’s vision of easy modern living.
The Conran Shop in Paris is the first that I visited. Then, it became an habit, when in Paris, to pay it a visit. The shop is wonderfully located on the Left Bank, just behind “Le Bon Marché” and the amazing “La Grande Epicerie Paris”.
When I moved to London, I discovered The Conran Shop Marylebone one day I was wandering in the area. Since then, I approximately go once a month to see the novelties.  
Strolling through The Conran Shop is always a source of inspiration.
The Conran Shop Marylebone, the one I know the best, is on 3 levels.
The third level presents a penthouse apartment which provides interior inspiration, as well as a rooftop garden filled with an eclectic mix of outdoor furniture, lighting, accessories, pots…
The second level is home to kitchen, dining, bed and bathroom goods alongside a lighting section.

The first level (ground floor) is my favourite because I always find many little and original presents for my relatives and myself but also cards to accompany them. 

There is also an enchanting area of toys and furnishings for children and an interesting book section. 

Finally, it’s also the level where The Conran Kitchen is.

And The Conran Kitchen is the prefect place to start or finish your visit.

I’ve always wanted to try it because the setting is very pleasant. I finally had the opportunity the weekend my mother visited me. We went for the opening at 10:00 and were the first customers. We ordered French Breakfast tea (never heard of it before, but it’s more refined and sweet than a regular English Breakfast), an orange and an orange/mango freshly squeezed juices, a scone and a croissant.

The croissant was excellent and I’m an expert!
Regarding the juices, when the waiter asked me how my juice was, I was honest by answering that I didn’t really smell the mango flavour. He took my glass straight away and added more squeezed mango. I really appreciated the gesture.
For later during the day, there is also an attractive selection of salads, sandwiches and cakes. 
I think that it’s going to become one of my favourite spot. 
If you’re looking for something more refined, try “Orrery”, a French restaurant critically acclaimed and “virtually” located on the first floor of the shop. “Virtually” because there is no direct entrance from The Conran Shop.
For the story, Sir Terence Conran was also the founder of Habitat in 1964! I’m sure that now that you know you begin to see the similarities and wonder how you didn’t realize before! 

The Conran Shop Marylebone
55 Marylebone Hight Street
London, W1U 5HS
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