Pub The Chapel in London

The Chapel is one of my favourite pub and I’ve the chance to leave nearby. So it’s very convenient when I don’t want to go too far!
I like both the outside and inside areas.
The terrace is quite big and well hidden from the street with plants.
The room is furnished with light brown tables and chairs and there is no carpet, in other words a modern pub.
I like to go there for a pre-dinner meal. In that case, I often order a cold cut and cheese platter, which comes with an excellent warm baguette.
But I also like to come for lunch or dinner.
In fact, I like this place so much that my family and I had a pre-Christmas dinner here on the 23rd December last year.
Last time my boyfriend and I went there, it was for dinner.
The menu is written on a board because it changes quite often, depending on the seasons and the availability of the products. One thing that’s always on the menu, no matter the changes, is the burger, which is excellent and well served.
But I must confess that I ate too many burgers the last few months and the next time that I’ll eat a burger, I want to try Patty Bun or Meat Liquor.
So I opted for a lamb chop and skewer with a couscous salad.
I was very hungry because I had been to a Body Attack class before. I was about to die when a full oven-baked camembert came to the table.  My boyfriend had the good idea to order it as a starter because he was starving as well.  It came with one of their excellent baguette. 
It was good but also very nourishing. Which means that I was almost full when my main course arrived. Luckily I ordered something relatively light!Chapel
The dessert always looks appetizing but I’ve never had the opportunity to try one, I’m always full before. But next time, I’ll try to save a space to try the crumble.
My advice will be to try to go out of hours if you have the possibility because it’s often full, due to its well deserved popularity.
The Chapel
48 Chapel Street
London NW1 5DP
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