Tao – Thai buffet restaurant in London

I’ve seen many places around Chinatown offering « All you can eat » buffets for less than 10 £ per person. But I never thought that I’d try one of those one day. Until today…
My boyfriend and I were heading to Chinatown to buy some sauces to season our dishes.
We didn’t expect to eat outside, as I’m sick and left with no taste at all thanks to May always changing weather! And there is nothing worst for me than to not taste what I eat. I only recognize if it’s sweet, salty, spicy, bitter or sour.
However, on our way back, my boyfriend began to be hungry. And we spotted a very tiny Thai vegetarian restaurant with appetizing salads in display.
We decided to have a go. Even if I was sick, I didn’t want to waste my boyfriend day off.
I ordered a ginger tea, as a natural remedy. It was excellent and one of the only things that had a taste on that day! If you order green tea or jasmine tea, the refill is for free.
Then, we had 3 rounds at the buffet, one for starters, one for main course and one for dessert.
The starters were very nicely presented and super colourful: green, purple, yellow, orange… You’ve the choice between different salads of vegetables or mock meat and spring rolls. I only noticed that some of the dishes were quite spicy but my boyfriend told me that everything was good and fresh.
Sorry for the red eyes, but I also have eye allergies!
The main course also offered a good selection with rice, noodles, and several mock-meat alternatives.
For dessert, the only one proposed was a fruit salad with sultanas, dried bananas and shaved coconut, which was perfect for me to finish on a fresh taste.
I must say that I didn’t enjoy my dinner as I could have if I hadn’t been sick but I spend a good time.
This is a place were I’ll eventually come back if I’m around with some friends on a shopping day and need a filling lunch at a good value.
Lunch from 12 to 5pm: 5,90£ + 10% service charge
Dinner from 5pm + weekends + bank holidays: 6.90£ + 10% service charge
Be aware that most of these Asian buffets only accept cash.
40 Great Windmill Street
London W1D 7LY 

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