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  • Moon Boots

    My favourite winter boots

    Because there is nothing worst than having cold feet, you will find below the selection of my favourite winter boots:   1. UGG UGG boots are the only ones I can wear…

  • Red pants 3

    Coral chino pants

    Last week, a little revolution took place in my wardrobe: I bought a pair of coral chino pants. It’s a big deal because it’s my first coloured pants since I was a…

  • Cess shooting Hamsptead 1
    London, Style

    Photo shoot in Hampstead Heath

    Last month, I did a photo shoot in Hampstead Heath. I did some in Marseille before but it was my first photo shoot in London. As I don’t know any photographer in…

  • Ski outfit

    Ski and afterski outfits

    When we go skiing, the boot of our car is always about to explode, no matter if we go for a couple of days or for a full week. Not that we…

  • Cashmere

    How to treat your cashmere

    Cashmere is one of my favourite fabric. Not only it is light and soft but it keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. However, a good cashmere is expensive and…

  • Long-2Bhaul-2B1
    Style, Travel

    Long-haul flight

    If I could, I’d be all year round travelling the world. Until then, I try to visit a faraway destination at least once a year.  Although air transport is the fastest and…

  • Converse


    It’s hard to believe how I changed. When I was a child, I hated walking. And when I had decided that it was enough, I made big tantrums and refused to move…

  • Les-2BParisiennes-2B-2BKiraz

    French shopping

    French women don’t care to be trendy because trends always change; only style lasts forever. And the French style is effortlessly chic because their wardrobe is full of basics in neutral tones…

  • P1070453
    Style, Travel

    Short-haul flight

    Now that I live in London, I’m at equal distance from Marseille and Oslo. So, when I’ve a long weekend, I don’t often stay in London: most of the times I go…

  • Interview-2Boutfit-2B1

    My outfit for an interview

    As I’m actually looking for a new job and attend many interviews, I thought that it would be the good time to write about the outfit to wear. Indeed, how to dress…