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  • Lemon drizzle 4

    Lemon drizzle recipe

    I don’t really like chocolate cakes (with some exceptions) but I’m a huge fan of fruit cakes, especially lemon cakes. When I came to London, I discovered the Lemon Drizzle, which has become…

  • Veggie quinoa salad 3

    Veggie quinoa salad recipe

    I’m very proud of myself because it’s the first time that I come with a recipe. I normally don’t have any imagination when it comes to cooking so today is a big…

  • Pistou pasta 4

    Pistou pasta recipe

    Pistou pasta is a summer dish very easy to prepare. It’s a convivial meal that will bring some sun in your plates, for want of sun in the sky! Ingredients: -Pasta -Basil…

  • Chai Latte 6

    Chai Latte recipe

    Chai Latte is one of my favourite hot drink. And guess what? It’s super easy to make! The secret is to make a syrup. Better to do it when you don’t crave…

  • Crepe 20

    Crêpes recipe

    Today, 2 February, is The Presentation of Jesus at the Temple. In France, it’s also known as “La Chandeleur” and the tradition is to make crêpes. So here is my easy recipe…

  • Rice-2Bwith-2Bprawns-2B4

    Rice with prawns recipe

    This recipe is one of my mother’s favourite. Luckily, it’s also one of my favourite dish. And the good news is that this recipe is so easy that even someone like me,…

  • Tomato-2Btart-2B4

    Tomato tart recipe

    I love tomato tart. It’s a dish that my mother often makes during Summer time. I didn’t even try to make one in London because of the poor quality of tomatoes. But…

  • Croque-2BMonsieur-2B1

    Croque-Monsieur recipe

    As I previously mentioned, I’m far from being the best cook in the world. I like simple but tasty meals. I also know a few recipes in case we have some guests…