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  • Mmuseum-2B2

    Mmuseumm in NYC

    I read about Mmuseumm and absolutely wanted to visit it. But it wasn’t that easy… The Mmuseumm is only opened during weekends, from noon to 06:00 pm. On our first attempt on…

  • Williamsburg-2B1

    Williamsburg – NYC

    Williamsburg is a trendy part of NYC that shouldn’t be missed. It’s a neighbourhood in the borough of Brooklyn with a strong identity. In fact, this is where the modern hipster movement…

  • Eclair-2BBakery-2B41

    Eclair Bakery in NYC

    My boyfriend and I are in an “Eclair phase”, which means that every time we see a pastry displaying eclairs, we have to enter and buy at least one. So, when in…

  • MoMA-2B28

    MoMA in NYC

    I absolutely wanted to visit at least a museum during our short trip to NYC. After a couple of days of intense sightseeing, I almost resigned myself to the idea that it…

  • Gallaghers-2B9

    Gallaghers Steakhouse in NYC

    We were in NY for my boyfriend’s birthday. This year, for the first time, I was totally in lack of inspiration to buy him a present. I’m still lacking of inspiration to…

  • NYC-2B5

    5 days in NYC

    The first and last time I went to NYC, I was 15 and it was with my father. I remember that it was extremely hot (it was in July). We only stayed…