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  • Louis Vuitton Series 3-15

    Louis Vuitton Series 3 exhibition in London

    Series 3 retraces Nicolas Ghessquière’s Autumn-Winter 2015/2016 collection for Louis Vuitton. It’s an experimental and emotional journey from the past to the future of the brand, through the designer’s soul and the…

  • Emmanuel Vigeland Mausoleum 2

    Emanuel Vigeland’s Mausoleum in Oslo

    “Emanuel Vigeland’s Museum is one of Oslo’s best kept secrets”. I couldn’t agree more. I thought that I knew Oslo like the back of my hand but I’ve never heard of this…

  • Peder-2BBalke-2B9

    Peder Balke – National Gallery London

    The National Gallery in London owns just one painting by a Norwegian artist. It’s not, as one might suppose, by Edvard Munch, nor by Harald Sohlberg, Thomas Fearnley or Johan Christian Dahl.…

  • Mmuseum-2B2

    Mmuseumm in NYC

    I read about Mmuseumm and absolutely wanted to visit it. But it wasn’t that easy… The Mmuseumm is only opened during weekends, from noon to 06:00 pm. On our first attempt on…

  • MoMA-2B28

    MoMA in NYC

    I absolutely wanted to visit at least a museum during our short trip to NYC. After a couple of days of intense sightseeing, I almost resigned myself to the idea that it…

  • 2BThe-2Bart-2Bof-2Bbrick-2B1

    The Art of the Brick

    My boyfriend isn’t a museum kind of guy. But I finally succeeded in dragging him to see an exhibition. I was quite surprised that he agreed to go without knowing what we…

  • Saatchi-2BGallery-2B-Rafal-2BGomezbarros

    The Saatchi Gallery in London

    I don’t remember how I heard about the Saatchi Gallery but I’m glad I did. Normally, I’m not a huge fan of contemporary art. But when I had a look on the…