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  • princesse-tam-tam-bra-clasp-bow

    My list to Santa 2016

    Dear Santa, I’ve been very nice this year. Could you please bring me: -Lifeform Yoga mat – Grey – £100.00 -My avatar by Angéline Melin – 50-80€ -Burberry trench coat – Beige…

  • Penguin HEM

    My list to Santa 2015

    I haven’t really have the time to think much about what I would like this year from Christmas. But I managed nonetheless to make a small list: -Turned Penguin Oak from HEM…

  • Cigale Muette Monochromic

    My birthday wish list 2015

    July is my favourite month of the year. Not only because it’s summer but also because it’s my birthday!!!! To help my boyfriend to buy me a present I like (after 10…

  • Blue-2BLiberty-2BLondon-2BPeacock

    My list to Santa 2014

    Some people (i.e. my boyfriend) begin to have cold sweats when Christmas or my birthday are getting close.  But he never comes shopping with me and I suspect him not to listen to…