Sunday Roast at The Duke of Wellington in London

The Sunday Roast is an old tradition in UK with uncertain origins. 
The paradox is that this tradition is less and less respected by families, but has never been so popular in pubs and restaurants.
Indeed, every single pub and restaurant in UK offer at least one choice of Sunday roast, whether beef, chicken, lamb or pork, served with a range of boiled, steamed and/or roasted vegetables.
The offer is overwhelming and I never found the motivation to look after a good place for a long time. I finally thought that it would be the perfect occasion to have a Sunday Roast with my mother and began my research. It was much simple than anticipated! I might have been lucky because I directly found an article from Timeout, referencing the best Sunday lunches, which convinced me:
I decided that I would try the Sunday Roast at The Duke of Wellington as the review was excellent and I remembered that Concierges from my previous hotel recommended this place to our guests. It’s also one of the rare places in the vicinity of my house that I hadn’t try.
We arrived around 13:30, straight after the visit of the Saatchi Gallery. I forgot to made a reservation and crossed my fingers that a table for 2 would be available when I saw how busy the place was. We were finally very lucky to be given a shared table outside. Let’s say half lucky because we had to share our table with 2 French guys in their mid-20, working in a bank and very pretentious.
We both ordered a beer and the roast leg of lamb. There was also a roast beef offered on the menu but I didn’t choose it because I’m not a huge fan of red meat.
The food took quite a while to come but it was understandable as the pub was  so packed that it was easy to imagine how busy the kitchen was. 
But the wait was worth every minute: the roast was tender and delicious and the vegetables well-cooked and melting.
There was something strange in a small container that finally happened to be mint jelly! Apparently, it’s a traditional accompaniment for lamb roast. I was a bit surprised of such a combination but it was excellent. 
We didn’t take any dessert as the meal was copious and we wanted to go shopping.
I quickly went to the toilets before we left and was impressed by the cleanliness on such a busy day. I strongly believe that the state of the toilets reflects the state of the kitchen and was therefore even more happy with my choice.
I’ll be back!
The Duke of Wellington
94A Crawford St
London W1H 2HQ
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