Summer fragrances

I’m a summer girl. I’ve always been and will always be.

Je suis une fille à été

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In summer, I feel at my best. I’m happy and fully appreciate the small pleasures of life. And one of my pleasures is to change my floral winter fragrance for a fresher summer fragrance with marine, citrus and/or tea notes.

I selected 6 perfumes that I particularly like and recommend, in case you’re looking for a new scent:

1. Aqua di Gio by Gorgio Armani

For men
Notes: marine and citrus
It’s my favourite perfume for men. I can’t resist to this smell. I offered it to my boyfriend but wear it more often that he does.
Acqua di Gio

2. Rem by Reminiscence

For women
Notes: marine
It’s my favourite summer scent. It’s basically a concentrate of sea water in a bottle.
The name “rem” is the backward-slang for “mer”, which means “sea” in French.

3.  Arancia di Capri Eau de toilette by Acqua di Parma

For both women and men
Notes: citrus
It’s part of the Blue Mediterraneo collection which is composed of 6 fragrances inspired by Italian summer.

Acqua di Parma - Arancia di Capri

4. CK one by Calvin Klein

For both women and men
Notes: citrus
CK one is one of the first scents I remember as my mother wore it for years. It’s a timeless classic.
CK one

5. Aqua Marine by Bulgari

For men
Notes: marine and citrus
Aqua Marine is less strong than Aqua and fresher than Aqua Divina designed for women.

Aqua Bulgari

6. Earl Grey & Cucumber Cologne by Jo Malone

For men and women
Notes: citrus and cucumber
I discovered Jo Malone when I arrived in London. I like this scent, very fresh and very British at the same time.

Jo Malone Earl Grey and Cucumber cologne

And you, what is your summer perfume?

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