Souvenirs from Norway

In order for you to spend more time discovering the country than choosing souvenirs, here is a list of authentic Norwegian ones:

-A knitwear with beautiful Norwegian patterns
I recommend the brand Dale of Norway to be sure of the quality.
I personally have one homemade sweater knitted by my Bestemor (grand-mother) since more than 15 years. It’s particularly good to wear for skiing. I also have countless bennies, headbands and pairs of socks and gloves.
I love the different patterns and colours, which allow to make endless combinations.
-An item of clothing from Moods of Norway, the trendy Norwegian brand which goal is to make happy clothes for happy people around the world! Not less!
-A smoked salmon from Fiskeriet or Flyvefisken
I always come back with one for me or for my French family.

-A jar of cloudberry jam (Multe syltetøy)
Cloudberries are known as artic berries and look like yellow raspberries.

-A bottle of Aquavit
Aquavit (literally the Water of Life) is an important part of the Scandinavian culture as it’s often drunk during festive gatherings where heavy food is served, such as Christmas dinners.
It’s a strong spirit (min 37.5%) made from potatoes and flavoured with spices and it can only be bought in Vinmonopolet (government-owned alcoholic beverage retailer).
-A cheese slicer
This useful utensil was invented by a Norwegian carpenter in 1925. This is why there isn’t a better place to buy one.
-A troll
This small and super ugly but appealing creature is present in countless Norwegian stories and can be found everywhere in all sizes.
-A sticker with the Norwegian flag or a road sign with a moose or even a troll
-A doll wearing a traditional Bunad
-A miniature Viking ship
-A reproduction of a Viking ornament

-A traditional silver ornament that is worn with a Bunad

There is another thing that I always bring back from my stays in Norway. Even if it can’t be seen as a souvenir, I’ve to share it with you: I always bring back several Jordan toothbrushes. They’re the best I’ve tried but unfortunately they’re sold in too few countries.

Did I forget something?

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