It’s hard to believe how I changed. When I was a child, I hated walking. And when I had decided that it was enough, I made big tantrums and refused to move forward.
My father achieved the impossible by transforming me into a great walker. But it was not an easy task! When I visited him, I had no choice than to walk because he had no car or only used it to drive outside of the city. But he was clever enough (more clever than me at least) to trick me by answering to my annoying but perpetual question “Are we soon arrived?” by “We’re almost there”. We were always almost arrived, which was obviously not true, but it worked. Of course I complained once arrived but the most important was that I had reached the destination. And then, the unexpected happened: I began to love walking. I realised that it was the best way to discover a place. So, thanks to my paramilitary training, I couldn’t stop walking when I visited my father in  great cities like Yokohama or Seoul.
Nowadays, I can walk for ages and it’s the people with me who sometimes find it hard to follow me.
I’m very grateful that my father pushed me to love walking because walking is good for many reasons. Indeed, it’s good for the health, for the purse (it’s free) and for the environment (it’s not polluting).
It’s very important to wear comfortable shoes when you walk a lot.
I envy girls who can walk gracefully with Stilettos all day but I have to mercy for those who can’t, as there is nothing more ridiculous.
This is why, on a daily basis, I always wear flat shoes like sneakers, boots or ballerinas but most of the times sneakers.
I have many different models: with laces, wihtout lace, with zip, high top, low top, fur-lined….
My favourite brands are: Converse, Superga and Bensimon.
I also have nice pairs of Adidas and Le Coq Sportif.
I love Converse because they last forever and the more they’re used, the more I love them.
And when I have to throw a pair away, I always try to do it in a place I really like to give them a honourable death. I know, I’m crazy sometimes!
I used to buy high-top pairs but this year I also buy my first low-top pair and I like both.
I always choose them plain colour.
In UK and US, it’s even possible to customize them but I haven’t try yet. 
At the moment I have: a white high-top pair, a white low-top pair, a pink high-top pair, a light blue high-top pair, a brown suede super high-top pair and a black super high-top pair.
Due to a lack of space, I only have the white low-top pair in London.

For a long time, I didn’t like Superga. And one day, I bought a pair to have an alternative to Converse.
They’re comfortable and come in nice colours too but I find them less resistant than Converse. Therefore, I buy a new pair every year.
Superga’s sales are great with discount until -70%!

At the moment I have the Azalea Superga.

Bensimon are my favourite sneakers and also the first I ever had. My mother bought me my first pair when I was 5.
The main models are with laces, without lace and with an elastic.
They’re very light and resistant. And icing of the cake, they’re inexpensive.

At the moment I have a light taupe pair with laces.

I also have a pair of blue Adidas Gazelle. I love the design. I bought my first pair when I was 15. This year, 15 years later, I bought the new version, which is much more comfortable: the interior heel is in cotton and not in leather anymore and the tongue is softer.
Funny story: I saw a picture of my father wearing a pair of blue Adidas Gazelle when he was about 30! Good design never dies.
And, finally, for cold winters, I have a pair of high-top fur-lined light taupe Le Coq Sportif.

They’re very easy to wear thanks to the zip.

Wearing sneakers has never been trendier than now, so you don’t have any excuse to start walking.


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