Ski and afterski outfits

When we go skiing, the boot of our car is always about to explode, no matter if we go for a couple of days or for a full week. Not that we pack a lot (except my step-father), but ski clothes and equipments are and will always be more voluminous than beach clothes and equipments!
In order to reduce the size of my bag as much as I can, I cautiously choose my clothes.

Ski outfit

Of course style is important when skiing. But it will always be less important than security and comfort for me.
Over the years, I have improved my outfit to take into consideration those 3 criteria.
Ski outfit

Let’s start by what we see:

Helmet: I wear a black Salomon helmet.
Here, security takes priority over style. Believe me, I don’t wear an helmet because I like it. Neither because I’m afraid of myself. But because I’m afraid of people who don’t ski well but nonetheless think they’re the best and don’t control their speed
and don’t respect the priority of the downhill skiers, the 2 most basic rules when skiing.
I don’t really like my helmet but it does the job. I will change it though when I will find one that I like more. This is just for an aesthetic reason as it never had an impact. But at the first impact, a helmet need to be changed.

Jacket: I wear a red Canada Goose jacket.
This is definitely the stylish piece of my outfit.
I like it because it’s very warm and I’m easy to locate.
With my mother and my sister, we form the Canada Goose team, as they both have the same model of jacket, my mother in black and my sister in dark grey.

Trousers: I wear a classic black pair of trousers from the French sport brand Decathlon.
I like it because I don’t fear to get it dirty or damaged when I take a ski lift.

Mittens: I wear black Canada Goose mittens.
I like them because they are so warm that I don’t need to put silk gloves underneath.
I’ve always preferred mittens than gloves because I can clench my fingers together when they’re cold.

Buff: I wear a black Buff.
I like it because it’s light and warm.
I use it to cover my ears and my throat. I put it at the edge of my chin to be able to cover my mouth, my nose and my cheeks when my face is cold.

Ski boots: I have my own pair of ski boots. For many years, I had a pair of Lange but since last year I have a pair of Technica.
I like them because they’re easy to put on and don’t hurt.
As soon as my feet stopped to grow, I beg for my own pair. I never liked the awful smell of rented ski boots.

Skis: I don’t have my own pair of skis.
Indeed, I prefer to rent a pair every time I go skiing because I want to enjoy the newest technologies and I don’t want to fear to damage them.

Now let’s move on what we don’t see:

Underwear: I wear a wool long sleeves zip neck tee-shirt and a pair of wool thighs from Devold. And under my tights, I wear a wool hipster from Kari Traa because I tend to be always cold in my bum.
I only rely on Norwegian brands for my underwear because they really master how to make them warm and comfortable. I’m sure that brands from other countries might be as good but I prefer to promote the Norwegian brands.

Top Devold Thights Devold

Hipster Kari Traa

Jumper: Depending of the temperature, I wear a handmade Norwegian jumper knitted by my grandmother many years ago.
I love it so much.
Norwegian jumper

Socks: I wear a pair of normal socks or of wool socks.
My only requirement is that they need to be thin.

Afterski outfit

After a well deserved shower, I get change for the after ski activities. Don’t expect anything crazy. When I go skiing, I really go for skiing. I’m quite exhausted at the end of the day and like to take it easy with a walk in the village to have a look at the shops.
I don’t like because who keep the same outfit for the after ski but I don’t like either people who dress like they do in the city.
This is why I try to adopt a casual-sporty look.
Afterski outfit

Jacket: I wear the same jacket than for skiing. It allows me to save space in my bag.

Headband or beanie: Most of the time, I wear one that I made myself.

Mittens: I wear mittens knitted by my Norwegian grand-mother. I don’t have the level to knit my own yet. But it might come…

Trousers: I always wear a pair of jeans.

Boots: I have a nice pair of Ugg that I bought in Australia.
I like them because they have nonslip soles and are so warm that I can wear them barefoot or with very thin tights.

And you, how do you dress for skiing and after skiing?

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