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Short-haul flight

Now that I live in London, I’m at equal distance from Marseille and Oslo. So, when I’ve a long weekend, I don’t often stay in London: most of the times I go to visit my family or sometimes I go to an European city with my boyfriend for a romantic getaway.

Seat selection

I always select my seat in advance. First, because I prefer to seat next to the window to enjoy the view and I know that I won’t need to use the toilets or maximum once and chances are high that my neighbour(s) won’t be sleeping. Second, because if I don’t have any luggage, I prefer to be among the first to leave the plane.


I don’t give as much importance to dress comfortable as I do for a long-haul flight.In fact, I wear more or less my day-to-day clothes.
But I’ve 3 rules:
1-I always wear shoes that I’ll not have to remove at security check (ballerinas, Ugg, sneakers, flip-flops)
2-I always wear a hoodie so I can rest my head on the window
3-I always bring a scarf as it can be cold in airports and planes


I take a medium size bag that I can easily place under the seat in front of me in order to access it easily without bothering my neighbour(s).
My bag must be big enough to contain the following items:
-Items compulsory to travel: my passport, my travel documents and my wallet
-Items not to be bored: my I-pod, a magazine and a travel guide is required
-Items of value that I can’t put in my suitcase: my phone, my Mac Book, my camera, my jewelry, my sunglasses and the keys of my apartment
-Items compulsory to my survival: Ibuprofen tabs, as I’m subject to headaches
-Other items: a pack of chewing gums, my agenda, my terra-cotta power, a pen and my pills

So this is true, my handbag is quite heavy but this is the price to pay for my conscience to be light. I know that if my suitcase is lost or stolen, I’ve the most important and valuable things with me. Which doesn’t mean that I won’t be pissed off! 

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