Rye – East Sussex

Today was the first day that I went out of London since we arrived in March 2013… It was about time! We had planned many times to escape the city but always were unable at the last minute (bad weather, interview rescheduled, modification of days off…). It was as if we had been cursed!
So this time, I decided to keep my mouth shut and to not speak with anyone about our plan.
And the plan was to go to the beach. You have no idea how much I miss to look at the sea and to walk in the sand….
Based on good feedbacks, I decided that we would go to Camber Sands: sand dunes, nice landscape at low tide, empty of people and possibility to see seals.
So we took the train from St Pancras at 9:42 and arrived in Rye, the nearest place from Camber Sands, at 10:54. 
There was a market just in front of the train station and, as it was still early, we decided to have a look. It was an excellent idea because my boyfriend found a vintage crystal carafe (to make some cocktails) for only £10 whereas he had seen the same in London for 10 times the price! Then, we started looking for a bus or a taxi to reach Camber Sands but we ended wandering in the lovely village of Rye
We found more antic and charity shops with many crystal glasses and carafes.  In total, my boyfriend bought 3 carafes and his bag was very heavy but he didn’t complain (good boy!).
We took Mermaid Street, which is a famous cobbled street with very old and nice houses. Mermaid-St-Rye
Then, we arrived to St Mary Church. The highest place in Rye.
From there, we went to the Tourist information to ask about the bus to go to Camber Sands (we didn’t ask about taxi as we hadn’t seen a single one). The lady told us that it was also possible to go walking and that it was only 45 minutes away. I also enquire about the best spots to eat both in Rye and in Camber Sands. She told us that Camber Sands was much more touristic and therefore it would be better to have lunch in Rye. We were quite hungry and agreed that it would be more enjoyable to walk once full. As we were near from the sea, I wanted to eat fish and ask for a good “Fish & chips”. We were indicated the “Marino’s Fish Bar”. We ordered a Chicken and Mushrooms pie followed a Fish cakes Fish & Chips for my boyfriend and by a Cod Fish & Chips for me. It was an excellent advice: the place was very authentic, the food was traditional and excellent and the portions were very generous.
Then, for dessert, we went to a nice little tearoom that we had noticed during our tour: the Cobbles Tea Room. We ordered a house tea, a Drizzle Lemon Cake slice and a Fruit Cake slice.
After this delicious meal, we were finally ready for the 45 minutes walk.
Most of the time, I have a very good sense of direction. But it seemed to be broken on that day. Sure of myself, we went in the direction which was the opposite direction of the one we should have taken.  So we never found the pathway leading to the beach… and we finished lost in the middle of the sheep. 
We should have understood that it was a sign to warn us not to go to the beach but we didn’t. We went back to the centre to take the bus (safer option) to Camber Sands. And what a disappointment!!!!! It was windy like hell so quite cold, the tide was high and the beach was overcrowded. We literally stayed 2 minutes, taken aback by the unexpected sight. I looked at the sea, removed my shoes for a minute and we left.
I was so disappointed by what I expected to be a highlight of the day. Fortunately, the discovery of Rye was worth every minute of this trip.

Finally, what should only have been a stopover became the main attraction of the day!

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