Pub time is anytime

You can’t go to London without a stop in a Pub, as it’s an integral part of the culture here.
People of all ages, classes, occupations and education levels hit to the Pub after work or during the weekend. And they tend to have a favourite one near their work and/or house.

I classify Pubs in 2 categories: the « modern » Pubs I like, where the atmosphere is light thanks to big windows and furniture in light wood, and the traditional and classical Pubs my boyfriend likes, where the atmosphere is heavy thanks to big carpets and furniture in dark wood.
Whatever your style is, you’ll find a Pub where you feel comfortable and want to come back.

I’m not a big fan of beer, so I often order a Shandy (half beer, half lemonade) or a cider. But there is no shame to simply order a tea or a coke.
There is no table service in a Pub, so you have to go to the bar to order and pay. And it can take some time if the Pub is full, as it is the only place where people don’t queue and can start a casual conversation. Some will say that there is an « invisible line » and that the bartender knows who’s next and some will say that the order depends of the bartender’s will. So wait and be nice!

Most of the Pubs also offer food as well: nibbles, fish&chips, burgers, Sunday roasts or even more sophisticated dishes. You will also have to order at the bar but the dishes will be brought to your table.

Be aware that some Pubs accept credit cards if you spend a minimum (generally 10£) or don’t accept them at all. So be sure to always have some cash.

Pubs are generally open from 11:00 to 23:00.


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