Pizza Express in London

My boyfriend invited me so many times to eat in restaurants the last couple of months that I feel it was my turn. But as I just started to work again, I’m basically broke. This is why I decided it was about time to try Pizza Express, after more than 1 year in London. It’s a chain with many restaurants but we wanted to try the one in Chinatown because it has 2 small rooms with big windows facing the cute and tiny Rupert Court.
The menu is mainly composed of pizzas, obviously, but you can also find salads and some oven-baked dishes.
As a starter, I ordered the Dough Balls Doppios which are served with an assortment of dips. My boyfriend was impressed by my confidence as I ordered it before the rest (I was starving) and when he saw them, he asked me if I was sure that I didn’t come before without him. I didn’t, I just saw that it was one of Pizza Express’ specialty and also remembered having seen people eating them.
Then, for the pizza, it took me longer to decide myself because my favourite pizzas, the simple cheese one and the Hawaiian with ham and pineapple, weren’t on the menu. Finally, I chose the Da Morire with Gorgonzola cheese, crispy pancetta, leeks, artichoke, mozzarella, rosemary and chilli oil. And for the dough, I opted for the thin and crispy one.
My boyfriend took the Emilia with chestnut and closed cup mushrooms on a goat’s cheese, garlic oil and mozzarella base finished with rocket, Gran Moravia cheese, fresh lemon juice and black truffle oil.
We were both very happy with our choice.
The service was fast and friendly.
It was a good discovery for us. We will definitely come back next time we crave for a good pizza and don’t want to take the risk to be disappointed.

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