Pistou pasta recipe

Pistou pasta is a summer dish very easy to prepare. It’s a convivial meal that will bring some sun in your plates, for want of sun in the sky!

-Garlic, at least 2 big cloves
-Olive oil

Pistou pasta 1

-Peel and cut the garlic
-Pluck the basil leaves and rinse them
-Put the garlic, the basil and some olive oil in a mini blender

Pistou pasta 2

-Blend until you get a green homogeneous paste

Pistou pasta 3

-If you’re making fresh pasta, cook them now. If not, you can start by cooking the pasta and then prepare the paste while it’s boiling.
-Pour the paste on the pasta and mix

Pistou pasta 4

And that’s all!

Pistou pasta 5

TIPS: if you prefer a thicker paste, you can add pine nuts in the blender.

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