Picnic in Regent’s Park in London

If we should have waited to be both off AND the weather to be sunny, it’s more than possible that we would never have had the opportunity to have a picnic this summer. You learn not be too demanding regarding the weather when you leave in London, otherwise you end doing nothing else than staying at home.
As the day was bright and hot, we decided that the conditions were good enough to maintain our picnic.
We quickly went to Waitrose to shop all we wanted and then back home to prepare. 1 hour later, we were ready and headed to Regent’s Park. We found a great location near the lake. 

Our picnic was made of some Pringles, a Pecorino-basil-pine nuts dip, a Paysan Rustica bread, a tomato-mushroom-avocado-Parma ham-basil salad, a arugula-carott-kimchi salad, a honey and mustard chicken, a Camembert, a strawberry salad, some coconut madeleines and a bottle of sparkling water.

It was yummy!

After such a good meal, we needed some rest before going back to the hustle and bustle of the city life.

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