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Photo shoot in Hampstead Heath

Last month, I did a photo shoot in Hampstead Heath. I did some in Marseille before but it was my first photo shoot in London.
As I don’t know any photographer in London, I simply replied to a message posted on Facebook in a group called “London Models”.
The following day, I met Sandrine at her place in Hampstead Heath.

We started by getting to know each other a bit more.
Sandrine is French too. She has a lifestyle blog called Pasty Jones Concept. And before coming to London, she had a concept store in Le Marais in Paris.

Then, we selected an outfit for the shoot. As usual, I came with too many stuff but I like to have the choice. We selected a red dress and some black boots. And she loaned me a bag and a headband to finish the look.

Cess shooting Hamsptead 4

Finally, she put me some make up as she also was a make-up artist before. It was subtle as I like but at the same time quite different from what I’m used to. When I looked at me in a mirror, I had the impression to look at a doppelganger. Same same but different as our Thai friends would say…

Cess shooting Hamsptead 2

Once ready, we went outside to shoot for about 45 minutes. I was a bit chilly and I had to wear a jacket between the poses.
The area was nice and offered many possibility of pictures: a pub, a wall of bricks, some red flowers, a courtyard gate half opened, a street lamp…
I prefer outdoor photo shoot because I can play with the environment, which is not the case in a studio.

Cess shooting Hamsptead 3

A few days later, Sandrine went me some pictures. I really like the result: very soft and British.

Cess shooting Hamsptead 1

I really enjoyed this shooting and I hope that I will find other collaborations in the coming months.

Red dress: Les Petites
Black boots: Ash
Bag: Diane von Fustenberg
Headband: No brand

Model: Cess
MUA: Sandrine
Photo: Sandrine

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