Patrick Bruel at the Royal Albert Hall

Monday 22nd of September, I went to the Royal Albert Hall with my mother to see Patrick Bruel’s concert. 
I was twice excited because the RAH is a mythical place and because Patrick is Patriiiiiiick. 

Non French people certainly don’t know him but he’s one of the most famous and loved singers in France (he’s also an actor and an activist). He has been presented by the British medias like the France’s answer to Bruce Springsteen. 

I was born and raised with Patrick Bruel’s songs. His first success “Marre de cette nana la” went out in 1983 and his massive second album “Alors regarde” was released in 1989. From there, it was hit after hit.

The 2013/2014 tour therefore celebrates a double anniversary: his 30 years of career and the 25 years of this amazing album.
This concert at the RAH was the first he ever gave in UK. It was about time!
And I was among the 3600 lucky people who attended the show.

The audience was mostly composed of women of all ages: girlfriends, mothers with their daughters and some couples. Patrick is one of the rare singer that gathers several generations.After few songs played by the young Natasha North and an unsustainable wait, the countdown finally started, accompanied by a diaporama of 30 pictures from his childwood to today. 

And then He appeared! There was a burst of joy, but nothing compared to the Bruelmania in the 90’s. 
Patrick is a real showman and he keeps an incredible high level of energy during the more than 2 hours that the show lasts. The public loves him and he loves the public. He keeps interacting with the people: speaking in between almost all songs, encouraging them to clap in their hands, asking them to dance…
The concert in London was very special because he spoke both in French and in English in order for everybody to understand. As he said, he was sure that everybody understood English but not that everybody understood French. He played with his accent, well our “cute” French accent, and struggled only once to find his words in English but finally managed with style and humor. It was regarding the song “Marre de cette nana la” and one of the sentences which says “Des a ventures j’en ai eu des tones”, which means “I had tons of affairs”. He then stopped to explain us that he wasn’t him who wrote this song but Gérard Presgurvic and therefore that “Je ne suis que l’objet de ses fantasmes”, which he translated by “I am … (pause, everybody laughed) the singer of his fantasy”. Couldn’t have done better !
Hit after hit, alternating old and new songs, he finally revealed that he wouldn’t be able to sing all his songs or the show should last for more than 19 hours! Before continuing: “And the show already lasts 8 hours. And there, the boyfriend asks his girlfriend: «It’s not true, isn’t it?»” Ahah!
So, to please the largest number of people, he started a medley of several songs including “Marre de cette nana la” (his first hit and still one of my favorite songs), “La file de l’aéroport”, “Comment ca va”…

He also reprised old famous French songs from the 30’s and 40’s and of course “Mon am ant de St Jean”, plunging us in the atmosphere of a “bal populaire”.

After more than 2 hours, he left the stage with thunderous applause. I couldn’t believe that it was already the end. Time passed so quickly!

He came back and sang “She’s gone” and “Casser la voix”, 2 songs that I really love.
“She’s gone” comes from his last album and takes place in South Kensington this is why it was so special to hear this song here. He mixed the French and English versions. I put the video of the clip (down), which is the French version, if you want to have insight of his work.

We left just after. My mother, who had already seen the show in Marseille with my sister, told me that he wouldn’t come back so we hurried to grab a cab.

I learnt the morning after that he came back for a second recall…

But that’s not a big deal, I heard the songs I wanted and we found a cab straight away.
Now it’s my time who struggle with the translation of a sentence “J’étais déjà conquise, je suis maintenant également charmée.” I will try: “I was already won over, I’m now also charmed”.
Fortunately, Patrick told us that the next album shouldn’t take 6 years to make and when people started to complain that indeed 6 years has been too long, he answered that it was still less than Laurent Voulzy (another French singer).
Ahah Patrick, last night you made me sing, you made me laugh and you made me dream. 
Thank you so much for a wonderful evening!

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