• Emmanuel Vigeland Mausoleum 2

    Emanuel Vigeland’s Mausoleum in Oslo

    “Emanuel Vigeland’s Museum is one of Oslo’s best kept secrets”. I couldn’t agree more. I thought that I knew Oslo like the back of my hand but I’ve never heard of this…

  • Nobel Peace Center Oslo 1

    The Nobel Peace Center in Oslo

    The Nobel Peace Prize is the only Nobel Prize to be awarded in Oslo each year since its creation in 1901. More than 100 years after, in 2005, The Nobel Peace Center…

  • Vigelandsparken 1

    Vigelandsparken in Oslo

    Vigelandsparken is a permanent sculpture installation by Gustav Vigeland located in the middle of Frognerparken, the biggest public park in Oslo. Gustav Vigeland (1869 – 1943), né Adolf Gustav Thorsen, was a…

  • Liebster Award

    Liebster Award

    I was nominated for a Liebster Award by Kay from iTravelista. She just started a travel blog and I’m sure that she will be very successful. This award exists only on the…

  • Hytte 1

    My Norwegian cabin in the wood

    Having a cabin, or a “hytte” as we call it in Norway, is very popular. Most Norwegian families, not to say all, have access to at least a cabin. I say “at…

  • Langedrag 8
    Animals, Travel

    Langedrag Naturpark in Norway

    Langedrag is a very famous nature park in Norway which has been running for more than 30 years. Edvin Thorson was a successful businessman when he decided to sell his company and…