• Polonnaruwa

    My bucket list for Asia

    After Europe, it’s time to make a bucket list for a continent that I particularly like: Asia. I fell in love with Asia when I went to visit my father in Japan.…

  • Penguin HEM

    My list to Santa 2015

    I haven’t really have the time to think much about what I would like this year from Christmas. But I managed nonetheless to make a small list: -Turned Penguin Oak from HEM…

  • The Attendant 1

    The Attendant in London

    The Attendant is a quirky coffee bar I’ve wanted to visit for a while. It’s located in a former gentleman’s Victorian toilet built around 1890 and closed in the 1960’s which has…

  • plasticbag_turtle

    Free plastic bags now banned in the UK

    In 2010, there were 98.6 billion plastic carrier bags placed on the EU market. It’s estimated that the vast majority of these bags (89%) were single-use. This means that every EU citizen…

  • Louis Vuitton Series 3-15

    Louis Vuitton Series 3 exhibition in London

    Series 3 retraces Nicolas Ghessquière’s Autumn-Winter 2015/2016 collection for Louis Vuitton. It’s an experimental and emotional journey from the past to the future of the brand, through the designer’s soul and the…

  • Formentera 12

    Cycling in Formentera – Spain

    Formentera is located in the Balearic islands, only 17 km from Ibiza. The 2 islands are extremely close but couldn’t be more different and this is why my friend Gloria and I…

  • Sailing in the Cyclades

    Sailing in the Cyclades islands – Greece

    My mother, sister and stepfather, together with a couple of friends and their children, have an established tradition of renting a sailboat every summer in Greece or Turkey. I finally found the…

  • 22 juli senteret oslo 1

    22. juli-senteret in Oslo

    If you´re not Norwegian, you might already have forgotten what happened on 22 July 2011. But us, the Norwegian people, we will never forget because it was the first time that our…