On the footsteps of Harry Hole

If you’re a great fan of Jo Nesbø as I am, it will be a shame not to take advantage of your stay in Oslo to visit the most important places for Harry Hole.
I listed 3 places that are recurrent in Nesbø’s books:
-Where he lives: 5 Sofies Gate
It’s a quiet street with pastel colours building like you can find many in Oslo. The location is central, not far from the Royal Palace.
-Where he likes to have a drink: Schrøder Restaurant
Schrøder is in the vicinity of Harry’s apartment (very convenient!)  It’s one of few old classical restaurants left in Oslo, with traditional Norwegian food on the menu.
-Where he works: Politihuset
Harry Hole works for the Crim Squad and his office is located in the Politihuset in Grønland. It’s a big grey building surrounded by a garden.
It’s a bit far from the 2 previous places. So if you don’t want to walk, you can take the bus number 37.
If you want to discover other places that are important in a book in particular (like the Radisson SAS Hotel at Holbergs Plass in The Redbreast or Egertorget in The Redeemer), you can take the tour organised every Tuesday at 5 :00 pm that starts in the lobby of the Best Western Hotel in Karl Johan and lasts 2 hours. 
The price is 200 kr per adult and 100 kr per child.
The guides will also bring you to Sofies Gate and Schrøder but not to the Politihuset. 

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