The Nightjar cocktail bar in London

The Nightjar is a renowned cocktail bar located in Hoxton, near Old Street station.

The entrance is so discreet that it’s easy to miss it. Only a small bronze plate on a regular brown door gives away the location of one of the best bars in the world.

Nightjar 6
You’ll have understood, the Nightjar is a speakeasy bar.

Once granted access, the stairs will take you down but also back in time as the Nightjar has an American Prohibition-era decoration and atmosphere.

Nightjar 2

Photo credit: Nightjar

Nightjar 1

Photo credit: Nightjar

An hostess will lead you to your table and give you the cocktail menu, which is divided in 4 sections:
-Pre-prohibition (1600 – 1918)
-Prohibition (1918-1932)
-Post war (1932 – Present)
-Nightjar signatures

Signatures or not, all cocktails have a Nightjar twist.

And don’t hesitate to ask the waitresses if you have any questions or hesitations, : they are the most knowledgeable I’ve ever encountered in a cocktail bar.

The price for a cocktail is comprised between £10.00 and £14.00 which is very reasonable for cocktails of this level in London. And it’s great because the choice is extremely hard to make.

On this occasion, I tried 2 cocktails:
-Tea in St James (Nightjar signature): No. 3 Gin, Cold Mulled Cider, Bergamot Liqueur, Lemon, Honey, Grenadine and Cream Tea Foam

-Happy Buddha (Post war): Virgin Gorda Rum, Ysabel Regina, Lime, Buddha Finger Liqueur, Pumpkin Bitters, Persimmon Puree, Marigold and Myrtle

As you can see, the Nightjar doesn’t only work on the taste of the cocktails but also on their appearance.
And I can certify you that the cocktails are as good (if not even better) as they look.

To sum up, the Nightjar is one of very few bars to offer a true drinking experience.

When you leave, the only thing you want to do is to come back as soon as possible to try other cocktails.

So if you want to impress cocktail connoisseurs (or not), the Nightjar is definitely the place to go!

PS: A nightjar is a nocturnal bird.

TIPS: The Nightjar operates an online-only booking system and charges £10.00 per head on your credit card
if you don’t show up or cancel after 13:00 on the day on the booking.
However, if you want to try your luck as a walk in, you’ll have more chances if you come at 18:00 sharp (opening) or after 21:00 when the free tables are allocated on a first come first served basis to anyone waiting on the door.

129 City Road
London EC1V 1JB

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