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I like to sleep so much! My boyfriend keeps telling me that I’m a kind of koala, which doesn’t really bother me, as it’s one of my favourite animals.
For the fact, koala sleeps around 20 hours per day!  I don’t need that much sleep, fortunately, but I need at least 8 hours per night.
And I spend much more than 8 hours per day in my bed, as it’s also the place where I’m the most comfortable to read, watch series, knit, give calls…
As sleeping is so important to me, I had to resolve the issues I encountered that could have degrade my sleep.
First, my feet are almost always cold. And when they’re cold, I can’t think about something else (so I can’t focus on what I’m doing or fall asleep) and it makes me want to pee. As it’s a very unpleasant situation, I always anticipate by making a warm bottle of water that I place in my bed. My boyfriend likes it too because I don’t wear big unsexy socks and I don’t put my ice-cold feet on him.
Second, when time comes to switch off the light, it doesn’t take me long to feel too hot, no matter how cold it is in the room (for example, it happens to me in Norway where we sleep with the window open even in winter or in the North of Canada where my sister slept with a pair of socks, a legging, a tee-shirt, a jumper and a scarf). So I’ve to get rid of the still warm bottle of water and I spent the night regulating my body temperature by sleeping with one leg over the duvet and one leg under.
Third, I find it difficult to have a restful night in London. I’m used to sleep in light and sound-proof rooms. But without shutters and with only simple glazed windows, it’s just not possible for me to sleep well. So, if I really want to spend a good night, I’ve to put a sleeping mask in the morning and, according to the noise level, some earplugs. I’m not that sexy but I don’t care as my boyfriend deeply sleeps and I always wake up before him.
Fourth, no matter how long I sleep, I hate not to wake up naturally by an alarm or by someone. I don’t think that there’s a solution for this problem. 
So, as I always feel in a bad mood, I prefer not to talk until I feel better. I can’t stand people who start talking the minute they wake up.  I need some tranquillity to come back to the real world.  
And it has been like that since I was a kid, as my parents told me that I hid, made faces and didn’t want to talk for at least one hour after I woke up. Some things never change when we grow up. I’m definitely not a morning person.
Fifth, my sleeping position gives me wrinkles. Indeed, I used sleep on the belly with my hands under me and my head looking left. But I also sleep without a pillow, a legacy from both my mother and my father.
The problem with this position is that I crush my right cheek. So when I wake up, I’ve what I call “bed wrinkles”. At the beginning, they tend to disappear after a few hours. But now, as I’ve slept in the same position day after day, those wrinkles had become more and less permanent.
I’m the only person in my entourage with this kind of “problem”. But I made some research and it’s apparently quite common.
So, for people using pillow, there are a lot of different pillows, which claim to avoid those wrinkles.
And for people like me, the best solution is to sleep on the back. I’m actually in the process of changing my sleeping position but it isn’t that easy.Sleep wrinkles
If your have other tricks to sleep like a baby, I’d love to know them.
Sleep well

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