My outfit for an interview

As I’m actually looking for a new job and attend many interviews, I thought that it would be the good time to write about the outfit to wear.
Indeed, how to dress for an interview is tricky for a woman. Why?
Because men interviewers won’t think about your qualifications if they think about your sex appeal and women interviewers might be jealous of you and assume that you’ll be a distraction at work.
This is why the selected outfit has to be perfectly fitted, not too tight but not too wide either! Nobody wants to look like a nun, except nuns themselves! 

Here in London, I don’t have all my clothes but I managed to put together 2 different outfits. 
I like to have the choice so I can select my outfit according to the weather, my state of mind or the person I’ll meet. 

Outfit number 1: A dress with a blazer

Outfit number 2: A pair of trousers with a blouse and a blazer

I only wear black suits because I don’t like navy blue, brown or grey suits.
I always wear high heels, as I feel more professional. But I only put them before I enter the building where the interview takes place. To go there and as soon as I’m outside the building, I put a pair of ballerinas. And I always wear tights, for the same reason but also because I’m unable to walk with high heels otherwise. This is why I always have an extra pair in my bag, just in case…
I also wear a silk scarf and/or discreet jewelry to perfect my outfit.
Finally, I tie my hair up into a ponytail, I wear light and natural makeup and just enough perfume for me to notice but for the interviewer not to be bothered. 

It’s very important to try the outfit you’ve selected before the day of the interview to check if it matches well, if it’s clean, if it needs to be ironed…You also need to check if you feel comfortable and confident. Indeed, what you wear and how you were is very important, as it’s a big part of the first impression you’ll make on the recruiter. 

So dress for success!

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