My look

I like fashion but I don’t follow any particular trends. Trends come and go. And when they go, they leave you with many clothes that you’ll not will or dare to wear again.

I prefer to invest in basics that I know I’ll be able to keep a long time, until I get bored of them or more likely until they get bored of me, as the only valid reason for me to get rid of them will be if they’re worn out. 

But don’t be mistaken, I love shopping and buy clothes very often.  It’s just that I tend to buy the same type of clothes in the same shades every time. As our Thai friends will say: « Same same but different »! 

So my day-to-day outfit, that I can almost call my uniform, is composed of a pair of slim jeans, a short sleeve top and a cardigan/jumper or blazer. Shoes and coat depend of the season and the weather. 

My mother keeps saying that I look like a teenager. I rather consider that I have a timeless look that can be worn by women from all ages. And to prove it, one half of my wardrobe is common with my mother (who’s 27 years older than me) and the other half is common with my little sister (who’s 13 years younger than me) and both of them don’t have a single item in common!

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