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How much did I save while working on a cruise ship?

One question that might interested you if you consider working on a cruise ship is how much money I managed to save during my 6 months contract.

Salaries on board generally are not excellent considering the fact that you work 7 days a week, but you get tips and you don’t have to spend money (or almost nothing) if you don’t want to.

How much I earned: 11 545€
Salaries: 7 120€
Commissions:1 965€
Tips: 2 460€

How much I spent: 1 150€ (mostly in food and souvenirs…)

Savings: 10 420€

I didn’t have to pay any tax :) but I didn’t get any paid holidays when my contract was over :(.

All in all, it’s a good operation if you plan to make one contract only or if you don’t have a too long break between 2 contracts.

But most of the European people I met on board , including me, don’t do it for the money we earn but for the money we save while traveling the world. Being paid to travel, sounds like a dream job isn’t it?


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