Melur – Malaysian restaurant in London

I love Asian food because it’s diversified, tasty and healthy.
My boyfriend and I decided to try Melur on the advice of one of our flatmate.
It’s a nice Malaysian-Indonesian restaurant located at the corner of Edgware Road and Sussex Gardens. The entrance is so small that if you don’t know that there is a restaurant there, you’ll pass by without noticing. Like I did for more than a year…
It’s more a restaurant for people living in London and looking for exotic food than a tourist restaurant. 
I knew it was a good place from the first sight because it was full with Malaysian/ Indonesian guests.
The menu is extensive and appetizing.
As I couldn’t decide myself, I opted for a Rijsttafel, which is an Indonesian assortment of several small dishes (meat, chicken, seafood and vegetables) served with rice and a soup of your choice to start with.
My boyfriend chose a mixed platter, vegetable tempuras and roasted duck.
After the mixed platter, which we shared, I was already almost full.
I have a small appetite. This is why I don’t eat a lot but I eat pretty often, approximately every 4 hours, like a baby.
I didn’t finish my dishes to save some space for a dessert that I noticed from the beginning. I generally always look first at the dessert to choose what to order as starter and main course. So we shared a pancake stuffed with desiccated coconut. The colour was a bit strange but it was delicious.

Next time you’re on Edgware Road and want to eat something different than Middle East cuisine, think about Melur.
175A Edgware Road
London W2 1ET
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