I always thought that when I’d be older, I’d have a manicure every week.
Well… Being older now, I can tell you that I didn’t. I wished, but it wasn’t realistic: either I didn’t have time, either I didn’t have money or either both!

When I don’t bit the flesh around them, I must admit that I’ve nice nails: long and strong. Which is a good start, as I’ll never ever try false nails.
But I have 2 problems: I’m very bad using my left hand and I’m not really patient. The result is that I always finish with polish on the nails but also around and that it doesn’t look good as it’s never perfectly dried. Fortunately, I always use light colour to reduce the damage…
But after a few days, not to say only one sometimes, it’s already ruined.

I finally found the time and the money to pamper me with a proper regular manicure, which is made of Hand soak, Nail file, Shape, Cuticle care, Deep moisture massage and Polish.
It only cost 16£ for 45 minutes and totally worth it. The result was really convincing and still is after 5 days!
So from now on, I’ll try to budget my time and my money to REALLY go every week.

I can’t wait for my next appointment!

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