Mandalay – a Burmese restaurant in London

It’s a well-know fact that you can eat any type of cuisine in London. Even Burmese at Mandalay, the only Burmese restaurant in London.

Its location, on the second part of Edgware Road, isn’t the best but its reputation is excellent.

Since I moved to Maida Vale in April, I’ve been passing by a countless numbers of times. One day, I decided to check the website and I found out that the owner also has a hotel. And it turned out that my father slept in this hotel a few years ago because the owner is Norwegian/Burmese and therefore the hotel was advertised in Norwegian newspapers.

So when my father came to London last July, I booked a table for dinner.
It’s highly recommended to book, especially for dinner, as the restaurant is quite small.

Mandalay London 4

For the starter, I ordered a tea leaves salad, the only typical dish I remember from Burma. I didn’t really like it in Burma but I wanted my father to taste and I had the good surprise to find it excellent.

Mandalay London 3

Then for the main course, I asked for the specialties and opted for the chicken and coconut noodles. It was a pure delight!

Mandalay London 2

Mandalay London 1

The owner arrived just after we had finished our main courses. My father recognized him as he had a chat with him when he stayed at the hotel. He’s a very friendly person who liked to talk with all the customers. We spoke in Norwegian as he’s fluent. He told us that when he fled Myanmar in 1974, he went to Norway. He lived in Oslo and worked in the food court of Paleet on Karl Johan for 20 years. I was a huge fan of Paleet but don’t remember his restaurant because at that time, I was more interested in the Italian and Danish restaurants. In 1994, he moved to London with his family. They first opened the restaurant and then the hotel. The sign in the restaurant comes from Paleet, a souvenir from their Norwegian adventure!

Then my sweet tooth led me to order a dessert. I took a Faluda because I’m curious but it wasn’t a great success.
The Faluda is an ice cream scoop served in rose flavoured milk with jelly. Next time, I think I will stick to a coconut dessert or skip the dessert.

Mandalay London 5

Before leaving, I went to the toilets and it reminded me of Myanmar as they are located in a backyard, like most toilets there. The only difference, and it’s a huge one, was that it wasn’t a squat toilet, thanks God!

My only disappointment was that there was no Myanmar beer on the menu!

If you want to try a new type of cuisine, go to Mandalay for an express and flavoured travel to Myanmar!

444 Edgware Road
London W2 1 EG

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