What I like in London :
-The shops opening hours
-The diversity of restaurants
-The Afternoon tea tradition
-The Christmas decorations
-The red double-decker buses
-The squirrels
-The mix of old and new architecture
-The coloured doors
-The great choice of entertainment
-The taxis
-The phone booths
-The parks
-The Queen’s Guards

What I hate in London :
-The wailing sirens
-The single glazed windows
-The crazy drivers
-The weather
-The cost of living 
-The Tube
-The fact that bus and Tube tickets are only valid for one ride, not for one hour
-The puddles of vomit during weekends 
-The never-ending queue 
-The overcrowded weekends
-The pretentious people
-The rubbish bags in front of the doors
-The old non mixing tap


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