Lemon drizzle recipe

I don’t really like chocolate cakes (with some exceptions) but I’m a huge fan of fruit cakes, especially lemon cakes. When I came to London, I discovered the Lemon Drizzle, which has become one of my favourite cakes. One day, I decided to try tomake one at home. I then realized that there was’t an universal recipe for the Lemon Drizzle. On the contrary, it seems that each family has his own recipe. This is why I wanted to come up with my own recipe too.

So here we go!

For the cake:
-3 eggs (170g)
-170g raising flour
-170g caster sugar
-90g olive oil
-zest and juice of 2 lemons

For the drizzle:
-200g icing sugar
-juice of 1 lemon

Lemon drizzle recipe 1

-Pre heat the oven at 175°C
-Wash the lemons to remove the wax, grate them and squeeze them
-Mix the eggs with the sugar, then add the olive oil, then add the raising flour and finally add the zest and juice of the lemons
-Grease the loaf tin if required
-Pour the mixture in the tin and put it in the oven
-Bake for 35/45min
TIPS: To check if the cake is baked, insert a skewer into the center of the cake. If it comes out clean, it’s ready if not bake it a few minutes more and check again
-Remove the cake from the tin and put it on a board
-Poke holes into the cake to help the drizzle sink in
-Pour the drizzle on top
TIPS: Use the drizzle that has run on the board to cover the sides of the cake
-Transfer the cake on a grill to allow the excess of drizzle to trickle

Wait for the drizzle to dry …. or not if you can’t.

Enjoy it with a cup of tea of course!

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