Inside my fridge and cupboard

I give a great importance to what I eat.
However, I’m not a cordon bleu as my mother and my grand mother are. I’ve always been to lazy and to impatient to learn cooking, to my father’s despair. But I love to eat!

I thought that I met the perfect boyfriend when he told me he was a Chef. You might think how lucky I am! Well….when he worked as a Chef, he had the excuse not to cook because he was off and wanted someone to cook for him instead. But now that he works as a Bartender and his excuse isn’t valid anymore, he still doesn’t do day-to-day cooking. It’s me. And we often eat the same dishes, as I don’t know too many recipes, sometimes with a twist if my boyfriend is around and gives me some tips.

As we always eat the same dishes, I always buy the same ingredients. I must say that it’s very convenient, as I never have to make a list.

In my fridge, you’ll always find:
-Vegetables and fruits, even if compared to the South of France I find them tasteless
-Dairy products: milk (for my tea since I leave in London), cheese including grated cheese and/or parmegiano and yoghurts
-Ham, meat and fish
-Fresh pasta
-Leftovers (I sometimes cook to much but never waste)
-Ketchup (it’s my weakness, I add ketchup even on pizza thanks to my father and it’s delicious!)
-Zero Coke (I don’t drink Coke very often but if I need one I’ll freak out if I can’t have it NOW)
-Norwegian “weird” products (like fish roe and mackerels with tomatoes in tubes)
In my cupboard, you’ll always find:
-Instant powder chocolate
-Dry pasta
-Can of tomato
And I also always have olive oil, salt and pepper, Mediterranean dried herbs, fresh basil, stocks cubes and exotic sauces.
The most important for us is to eat something tasty and balanced, and I’ll add easy and quick to cook. Indeed, we’re not great believers in diets (it’s too hard for uncertain results) and prefer to have a balanced lifestyle. So at home we always eat balanced meals in order to indulge ourselves with some treats when we eat outside.

A balanced lifestyle also means that we hit the gym, but we’ll talk about that later.

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