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How cleaning the Norwegian nature can make you rich

I love Norway and it´s wonderful nature. This is why, for my first article from Norway this time, I wanted to speak about how you could help keeping the nature clean and maybe become rich!

Last week, I took a walking tour with my aunt Grethe from my cabin to Tunhovd, the nearest village, and I was horryfied by the many rubishes I found along the way.
I still don´t understand why there were so many rubishes as Norwegians and tourists who come to Norway love nature.

I couldn´t let it go and came back a few days later with my father.
We took 2 plastic bags each: one for the plastic bottles and cans and one for the other rubishes.

On the road, I took the left side and he took the right side.

Cleaning the nature 1

Cleaning the nature 2

Cleaning the nature 3

We mainly found plastic and glass bottles, cans, cigarette butts and snus bags, all kinds of wrappings (potato chips, ice cream, chewing gum, ham,…), paper cups, plastic bags, tyre fragments…

Cleaning the nature 4

Do you know how long it takes for these rubishes to disintegrate?
1-5 years for a cigarette butt
10-20 years for a plastic bag
80-200 years for a can
450 years for a plastic bottle
4000 years for a glass bottle
And tyre fragments never disingrate

I feel concerned because I don´t want my nature to become a rubbish dump but also because I´m worried the animals around (mooses, reindeers, bears, wolves,…) might eat these rubishes by mistake and die.

We picked up rubishes along 2 km of road during 1 hour and 30 minutes.
I couldn´t believe that we didn´t have enough bags to pick them all but this is the ugly truth. We needed to make 2 return trip to the communal bin.

Cleaning the nature 6

We kept the non damaged plastic bottles and cans apart because they are worth money.

Cleaning the nature 7

Indeed, Norway, Sweden and Denmark have a special way to recycles pastic bottles and cans thanks to the PANT: you pay a desposit when you purchase a can or a plastic bottle, which is refunded when you return it to a supermarket.
I like this system because I think that it really encourage people to recyle. We had the same system in France when I was young and I don´t understand why it was withdrawn.

In Norway, the PANT is 1.00kr for plastic bottles and cans under 0.5l and 2.5kr for plastic bottles and cans over 0.5l.
PANT machines can be found in any supermarket in the country.

Cleaning the nature 8

Once you have put all your plastic bottles and cans in the machine, you have a choice to make:
-you can decide to keep the money for yourself as Norway is an expensive country and some extra kroner are always welcome. I earned 30.00 kr, enough to buy a pølse or a coffee.
-or you can decide to give the money to the Red cross. And this good action (the second after cleaning the nature) can make you rich as you can win up to 1 million kroner at the instant lottery! I always choose this option. I never won but my father once won 1000kr.

So next time, you´re going on a walking tour in Norway, don´t forget to bring some bags to pick up the rubbishes. But please don´t only collect the plastic bottles and cans!

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