Hot chocolate at Hotel Bristol Oslo

Hotel Bristol is the best place in Oslo to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. And this is not a secret, every Oslo residents know it. This is why it can be very difficult to get a table. In December, it’s even mission impossible if you don’t reserved weeks in advance.

Fortunately, I reminded my father to do so!
Hotel Bristol is located one street behind Karl Johans gate, which is Oslo’s main street.
The building in itself isn’t nice but don’t let the first impression stop you to enter.
You will then directly arrive in the Library Bar and Winter Garden, which is the “central nerve” of the hotel. The place hasn’t change since 1920 when the hotel opened. The atmosphere is incomparable and many politicians, writers, musicians and actors have come here to find inspiration.

The Winter Garden
The Library bar
Personally, I have a preference for The Library bar.

Once seated, you will be asked what you want to drink and there is only one answer you can give: hot chocolate!
Normally, I’m not that directive but you really have to try the hot chocolate or you will really miss something.
Indeed, it´s the best that I’ve ever tasted. Thick but not too thick, strong in flavours but not too strong. In one word: PERFECT!

I like the fact that it comes in a big pot, which contains approximately 3 cups per person.
I appreciated that the cream comes aside. Most of the time, I don´t add cream but sometimes I just want a little dash to finish a cup.

If you also  want something to eat, you will have to help youserlf at the (mini) buffet. Every day, there is a selection of fresh open sandwiches, light meals and cakes. 
We normally come in the afternoon and I take a cake to acccompany my hot chocolate.
But today, the only table we could have was at 12:00 am. Therefore, I chose an open sanwich with an option for a cake if I was still hungry.
Open sandwishes, or smørbrød in Norwegian, are very popular all over Norway. 
Literraly, “smør” means butter and “brød” means bread. So don´t be surprised to find butter on almost every smørbrød!
For example, today, I took a gravlaks smørbrød. Salmon being already fat, I don´t think that butter is a necessity but is was served on a buttered bread. It was excellent nonetheless. The presentation was amazing. Obviously, I was full when I fisnished it and couldn´t take a dessert.

If there is no place available, try Hambro’s cafe, which is part of Hotel Bristol too. When you face the hotel, you just need to take the street which runs on the right hanside of the hotel and walk a few meters. You wont’ enjoy the same surroundings but the hot chocolate is exactly the same. 
Hotel Bristol
Kristian IVs gate 7
0164 Oslo
Open everyday from 10:00 (11:00 on Sunday to 23:30 (01:30 on Saturday and 23:00 on Sunday)
Hambro’s cafe
Rosenkrantz’ gate 3
0159 Oslo
Open from Monday to Saturday from 11:00 (12:00 on Saturday) to 16:00
Closed on Sundays
Reservations: +47 22 82 60 22
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