Hallingstuene – a Norwegian restaurant in Geilo

We can’t say that Norway is a country particularly renowned for its gastronomy, unlike Sweden and Denmark.
But it’s a shame because we also have excellent restaurants with talented Chefs and quality products.

Not all these restaurants are located in Oslo, some are also located in remote locations.
For my part, the best dining experiences I had in Norway were in Geilo and in Kirkenes.
And today, I will write about Hallingstuene in Geilo.

Geilo is a small town located on the train line between Oslo and Bergen. And Hallingstuene is conveniently located just in front of the station.

Hallingstuene Geilo 3

The restaurant is run by the famous chef Frode Aga and his wife Berit Kongsvik.

Frode Aga Hallingtuene

I ate there many times because Geilo is only 50 km from my cabin. And this year wasn’t an exception.
My godfather had to go back to Oslo before us so he had to take the train. But instead of driving him to the nearest train station in Nesbyen, we decided to drive him to Geilo to indulge us with another delicious and refined meal at Hallingstuene.

Hallingstuene Geilo 5

The restaurant is decorated in a very traditional Norwegian style, with a lot of wood in blue and red tones.

Hallingstuene Geilo 2

Hallingstuene Geilo 1

While we were looking at the mouth-watering menu, the waiter brought some homemade bread. As a French, I’m used to it and I usually missed this habit very much when I´m abroad. My godfather, who has been living in France for more than 40 years, and I literally jumped on the bread while my father stayed more civilized. It was so good that I asked for 2 refills!

Hallingstuene Geilo 6

I opted for a 100% Norwegian meal.

As a starter, I took a “Tartar of trout with fresh herbs from Dagali & sour-cream added apples”.

Hallingstuene Geilo 7

The presentation was stunning. It was the first time that I ate a trout tartar and I really liked it.

As a main course, I chose the “Grilled filet of reindeer served with seasonal vegetables and creamed game sauce”.

Hallingstuene Geilo 8

It was cooked to perfection and seasoned with thyme, an interesting combination.

And for dessert, I let me tempted by the “Warm cloudberries served with homemade vanilla ice-cream”.

Hallingstuene Geilo 9

I didn´t like cloudberries when I was younger but my taste has changed and I now always order them when I´m given the opportunity.

The meal was just perfect, as usual. The dishes were just the good size, tasty and delicious.

So if you’re in the area, don´t hesitate twice and book a table at Hallingstuene.
I promise that you won´t be disappointed!

Geilovegen 56
3580 Geilo

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