Five Guys – Burger fast-food

After a busy and lovely day, Nathalie suggested that we could have a burger for dinner. After our afternoon tea at Aqua Shard, I didn’t expect us to be hungry but the truth is that we were starving.
And I was pleased by the idea. I like a burger from time to time and the last I ate was homemade by my boyfriend to cure my hangover more than 2 months ago.
I already tried MEATliquor, Byron Burger and not yet Patty & Bun but it was a Friday evening and I didn’t want to queue. Even If I’ve been living in London for more than 2 years, I still hate to queue and never do it. This is why I thought about trying Five Guys, a famous American fast-food.

We went to the one located  in Argyll Street, near Liberty but I know that there are several in London.

Five Guys Argyll Street
It was around 9:00pm and there was a little queue but we waited less than 5 minutes before to order.
The menu is composed of burgers, “dogs”, sandwiches and fries. We both ordered a Cheeseburger and a Medium Fries. I wondered if I wanted to add a patty. Finally I didn’t and I did well because the regular Cheeseburger already comes with 2 patties. For the drinks, Nathalie took a bottle of water (not that she tried to be reasonable but she doesn’t like soda) and I opted for a glass of soda which comes with free refills.

Once we have paid, we were given a number and had to wait on the side for our order.
The kitchen is entirely open and you can see that it’s super clean.

Five  Guys 4
Meanwhile, I went to the fountain to choose my soda. It was a sophisticated tactile machine with more than 100 choices! For once, I didn’t take a Coca Cola Zero but tried the Schweppes Diet Lemonade.

Five  Guys 2

The decoration of the fast-food is a bit aggressive, all white and red.
There are potato bags everywhere. And the origin of the potatoes is clearly visible.

Five  Guys 6
There also are boxes of peanuts where you can help yourself.

Five  Guys 3

Whether you eat in or take away, the order is place in a brown paper bag.

We had to go downstairs to find a place to eat.

We unwrapped and started to eat.

Five  Guys 5
We both agreed that it was excellent. There are at least 2 reasons for this: all the ingredients used are fresh as Five Guys don’t have freezers but only coolers and the fries were hand-cut and cooked in peanut oil.
These reasons also explain why it’s more expensive than a regular burger fast-food.

Five Guys 7

Before I left, I used the toilets and they were spotless. It confirmed my theory that toilets are the reflection of the kitchen.

Five Guys didn’t fall short of its reputation. It’s really worth it, in London or in any other location.

Five Guys

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