My favourite winter boots

Because there is nothing worst than having cold feet, you will find below the selection of my favourite winter boots:


1. UGG

UGG boots are the only ones I can wear with just a pair of light tights and without feeling cold, no matter how low the temperature is!

Ugg boots


ZDAR boots are handmade from 100% natural and sustainable materials.They are inspired by the Valenki boots which covered the feet of the Russian Empire soldiers and they look very cool!

ZDAR Boots

3. Sorel

Sorel boots are for people who aren’t afraid to get their boots dirty!

Sorel boots

4. Norwegian sealskin boots

Norwegian sealskin boots might not be the trendiest shoes ever but they are warm, long-lasting and traditional!

Norwegian sealskin boots

5. Moon Boots

The first Moon Boots where inspired by the boots worn by the Apollo astronauts who first set foot on the Moon. In the 70 & 80’s everybody owned a pair. Then, the brand became has-been before reinvented itself in the 2010’s.

Moon Boots

6. Le Coq Sportif

Le Coq Sportif is a  French brand more well-know for its sneakers but when you combine sneakers with boots, it can only be a winning combo! However the flat soles are not recommended on a slippery ground.

Le Coq Sportif

7. Emu

Same same than UGG but with different designs!

Emu boots

8. Mukluks

I discovered Mukluks shoes when I went to visit Churchill to see polar bears in 2012. I love their design and their comfiness!

Mukluks boots

9. Timberland

Timberland are everlasting shoes. I had a pair for more than 20 years!


Keep walking!

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