English breakfast at Albion Cafe in London

Shoreditch is one of the areas in London that I really like, especially for the Columbia Road Flower Market, the street art and the cool shops.

After Marylebone, Notting Hill and the unmissable landmarks you want to see when you visit London for the first time, I brought Nathalie to Shoreditch.

We arrived quite late and were quickly hungry.
There are many nice cafes and restaurants in the area but I have a soft spot for Albion Cafe and its English breakfast.

Albion Cafe is owned by Prescott & Conran and one of the shareholder is Terence Conran, the founder of Conran Shop, which explains the simple but tasteful decoration.

Albion Cafe 5

Photo credit: Albion Cafe

In fact, Albion Cafe is more than just a restaurant. It also gathers a grocery shop and a bakery under the same roof.
The vast majority of the food and drink products served and sold come from UK.

ALbion Cafe 6

Photo credit: Albion Cafe

Albion Cafe 1

Albion Cafe 3

As you can imagine, the place is very popular and only takes reservation for groups of more than 7 people. So, depending at what time you go, you have to be prepared to queue. But the waiting time can be pleasant as you can have a look at all the products in display. For my part, I always try to come off-hours (if there are some) and have never had to wait more than 5-10 minutes.
And when I came with Nathalie, we were very lucky because we didn’t even have to wait. We were directly led to a table, the same table I was given the previous┬átime I came.

The menu focuses on long-established British recipes. I didn’t need to look at it because I knew what I wanted: the English breakfast.
The first time I came, I was looking at the menu when my neighbours were served the English breakfast. I was convinced and ordered it. And when it arrived to our table, our other neighbours were also convinced and ordered it.
It’s simple: you see it, you want it!

Albion Cafe 2

Nathalie also tried the English Breakfast and loved it, even the black pudding!

Albion Cafe 4

And what really set Albion apart it that it’s served with delicious homemade bread, maybe the best in London.

So if you’re looking for a trendy place serving a tasty, copious and not very expensive English breakfast, Albion Cafe is your place!

And once you’ll have satisfy your appetite, you’ll be ready for a shopping session. You don’t need to go far. Redchurch Street, just around the corner, is full of amazing little shops such as A.C.P, Aime, Aesop, Labour & Wait and Monologue to only name a few.

Albion Cafe
2-4 Boundary Street
London E2 7DD

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