Eclair Bakery in NYC

My boyfriend and I are in an “Eclair phase”, which means that every time we see a pastry displaying eclairs, we have to enter and buy at least one.
So, when in NYC, instead of having traditional cupcakes, we wanted to see if any places offered eclairs. I went on Internet and directly found a pastry specialized in eclairs, simply called “Eclair Bakery”. Couldn’t be more straightforward!
We decided to visit this place on a morning to have breakfast. We wanted to be sure to be hungry enough to try as many flavours as possible. At the moment, they have 14 different flavours including some seasonal:chocolate, praline, coconut, vanilla, passion fruit, pistachio, coffee, maple peasant, vanilla, red velvet… This is far more than I’ve ever seen in any bakery in France!!!
If you go by Metro, the nearest stops are Lexington Av/53rd St or 51 St, depending on the line your take. 
We took the line number 6 and therefore stopped at 51 St. If you do like us, make sure to pass by Greenacre Park on E 51st St, between the 3rd and the 2nd Ave. It’s a little haven of peace and calm, away from the frenzy of New York. There even is a waterfall!
Despite the sign, we couldn’t resist to take a pic!
Under the rain, unfortunately
But this is how it looks under the sun! Photo credit: Sharon  VanderKaay

After a 5 to 10 minutes walk,you will find the bakery, located on the 53rd St,  just after the 2nd Ave. Look for the yellow tent. 
The place is not very big. Well, I mean the sitting area is not very big because the production area is big in comparison. It’s a sign that the owner and pastry chef, Stéphane Pourrez, really takes quality to heart. And it doesn’t seem to bother the customers who mostly order to take away.

So, after the few tables, you will find the displays.

The 2 displays on the right are full of baguettes, viennoiseries (pains au chocolat, croissants, brioches, pains aux raisins…), pastries and macarons.

And the display on the front is only reserved for their flagship products: the eclairs.
Only looking at them made my mouth watered. There were all so colourful that I wanted to try them all. But I tend to have bigger eyes than stomach. Luckily, they have thought about people like me and offer a tasting box composed of 12 mini-eclairs, all with different flavours.

I looked at the box like at a treasure, with sparkles in my eyes. 
After a long moment of hesitation, I finally decided to begin with the flavours I like the least  in order to keep the flavours I like the best for the end. 
We followed a strict procedure for every eclair: I took the first bit then passed it to my boyfriend. And between each, we took a sip, of cappuccino for him and chai latte for me, to cleanse our palates (one of the best chai latte I ever drank). 
Verdict: there were all delicious but my favourite was the passion fruit.
While savouring each bit and sip, I noticed that most of the customers were regular, French or both French and regular. This is a sign that doesn’t lie and which is the result from a the winning combination of good products, friendly staff and affordable prices.
Eclair Bakery opened a year ago and has a bright future ahead, with choux and eclairs being the new trend. Don’t say later that I didn’t tell you!
Whether you’re an eclair addict or not yet, push the door of Eclair Bakery and it will brighten your day!
Eclair Bakery
305 East 53rd Street
New York, NY 10012
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