Easter at The Café – Cafe Royal in London

If you come to London for Easter, you have to know that some museums, shops, restaurants and monuments might be closed on Good Friday and/or on Easter Sunday. 
It’s for me the second worst day after Christmas day (well the British one on the 25th of December, as in Norway Christmas day in on the 24th). I like to have the possibility to do everything and you can be sure that if something is closed one day, I will go there on that day! Anyway…
If it rains, as it is this year, you’ll have to find some alternatives if you don’t want to be stuck at home.
As I didn’t receive any chocolate from my boyfriend today (no, I’m not too old! There is no age limit to receive chocolate for Easter!), I decided to have a little treat. Most of the places we wanted to go were closed so we finally reach The Café on Regent Street near Picadilly circus, which is part of the Café Royal hotel.
The place is quite small so we had to wait for 5 minutes to be seated. During that time, we were offered the menu but I must say that I was much more interested in the cake display. Everything looked soooo good  and it was hard to make a choice!
I finally opted for a Café Royal 1865 Blend tea and a traditional Earl Greay tea and fruit cake slice. My boyfriend took a White Chocolate with cinnamon and star anise and a Café Royal cheesecake.
And we were not disappointed as it was as good as it looked! 

Definitely a place I recommend if you are in the area and want to take a break.

And if you’re in a rush or want to enjoy your treat at home, think about the take away option! Prices are more advantageous but the taste stay the same!
Café Royal 
68 Regent St
London W1B 4DY
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