Crêpes recipe

Today, 2 February, is The Presentation of Jesus at the Temple. In France, it’s also known as “La Chandeleur” and the tradition is to make crêpes.

So here is my easy recipe to make delicious crêpes.

Ingredients for about 25 medium crêpes:
-4 eggs
-70g of sugar
-6g of salt (I forgot the salt on the pic)
-300g of flour
-50g of butter
-700ml of milkCrepe 1

-Cut the butter in dices and melt it
-Break the eggs in a large bowl (as you can see, I’m not a professional!)
-Add the salt and the sugar
-Whip strongly until the mixing becomes whiterCrepe 5 -Add 1/3 of the milk
-Add the flour little by little
-Add the melted butter
-Add the rest of the milk. By pouring the milk in 2 times, it avoid the formation of lumps
-Once that the dough is homogeneous, cover the bowl with cling filmCrepe 14 -Let the dough rest for at least 30 minutes

I make crêpes the old fashion way in a frying pan.
The 2 major inconveniences are that it’s not very convivial and that it takes time.Crepe 16 The modern way is to use a crepes party maker, which allow to cook until 6 crêpes at the same time.
The 2 major inconveniences are that the crepes are very small and that I noticed that you tend to eat much more.Crepe 17

In both cases, you need to grease the surface with butter. Take a tissue to wipe the surplus.

Then, the easiest way to pour the dough is to use a ladle.
Don’t forget that we’re making crêpes and not pancakes so don’t pour too much dough. Pour it in the middle of the frying pan and incline it slightly and make a round movement at the same time to spread the dough in a nice and uniform way.

To turn the crêpes, you can use a plastic spatula or flip it. The second option is much more funny!Crepe 21 If you decide to make your crêpes the old fashion way like me and want to make several before eating them, the best way to keep them hot is too put them on a plate and to put a plate cover on the top. You can use another plate upside down if you don’t have any.

When the time comes to finally eat the crêpes, I feel like a child again!

Although I sometimes like to eat salty crêpes (my alternative to galettes (buckwheat crêpes) that I hate), I much prefer sweet crêpes.
I can make a full meal with sweet crêpes or only eat some for dessert.
My favourite toppings are the simplest: sugar / strawberry jam / apricot jam / Nutella and Nutella with grated coconut.Crepe 20 Most of the time, I make more crêpes than we can eat but I like to eat the rest the day after for breakfast and/or afternoon snack.

And you, which topping is your favourite?

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  • Reply Mia [Trucs de Blogueuse] February 4, 2015 at 5:24 pm

    In my recipe, I add “fleur d’oranger” (orange flower? 😉 ) but I know everybody doesn’t like it.

    • Reply Cess February 4, 2015 at 7:24 pm

      I do it sometimes as well, when I’m sure that I will only eat sweet crêpes. It’s delicious!

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