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  • 26 grains 2

    26 Grains in London

    London is a beautiful city but full of tourists. So if you want to experience an empty London, the only way is to wake up early. Unfortunately, I’m not a morning person.…

  • Daunt Books 3

    Daunt Books in London

    Daunt Books is an independent chain of bookshops in London founded by James Daunt in 1990. There are 6 shops located across the city in Marylebone High Street, Chelsea, Holland Park, Cheapside,…

  • Caffix London 1

    Caffix in London

    Caffix is a new concept store that opened a few weeks ago in London. And the concept is brilliant: to offer high quality drinks and food for only £1.00! I was very…

  • Aimé London 1

    Aimé London

    Aimé is probably my favourite clothes store in London. I discovered the store in Redchurch Street by chance, after a lunch at Albion Cafe. It’s simple, I like everything about this store:…

  • Fortnum and Mason 14

    Fortnum & Mason in London

    I discovered Fortnum & Mason (F&M) a few months after I moved to London. I’ve never heard of it before and restrospectively I think that it’s a shame because it’s really worth…