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  • Aquabike 2
    Life, Marseille


    More complete, less tiring but as effective as RPM, Aquabike is accessible to all, regardless of age and physical condition. This sport, like all aquasports (aquagym, aquayoga, aquazumba…) is very popular in…

  • Mud Australia 8
    Life, London

    Mud Australia in London

    I discovered the porcelain brand Mud Australia in Australia in 2009 when I was traveling around with a Working Holiday Visa. More precisely in Perth at the Aspects of Kings Park gallery…

  • Blogger Cess

    From Blogger to

    Welcome to my new blog! Last week, I decided to change of blog platform to be able to customise my blog as I wanted and to have my own domain name. Mia,…

  • Blue-2BLiberty-2BLondon-2BPeacock

    My list to Santa 2014

    Some people (i.e. my boyfriend) begin to have cold sweats when Christmas or my birthday are getting close.  But he never comes shopping with me and I suspect him not to listen to…

  • Workout-2B9

    20 minutes daily workout routine

    Let’s begin with a bad news. It might still feel like summer but it’s not. I can’t really believe we’re already in November when I’m still wearing only t-shirts to go out…

  • JVC_0505


    Today I’m 30 and life couldn’t be better. I live the life I chose, which is very different from the life I imagined. Indeed, when I was 20 and imagined myself at…

  • friends

    Surviving in a flatshare

    When I was younger, I dreamt to live in a flatshare, like in “Friends” or “How I met your mother”. And it began pretty well: I lived for 2 years with my…