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  • princesse-tam-tam-bra-clasp-bow

    My list to Santa 2016

    Dear Santa, I’ve been very nice this year. Could you please bring me: -Lifeform Yoga mat – Grey – £100.00 -My avatar by Angéline Melin – 50-80€ -Burberry trench coat – Beige…

  • L'Austral
    Life, Travel

    Back in November

    After 6 weeks on board, I had to admit that I won’t have time to continue the blog until I’m back in London in November. In the meantime, you can still follow…

  • the price of freedom

    The price of freedom

    Since I was young, my mother tried to prepare me to become an adult by repeating me that we don’t always do what we want in life. I’ve never liked this idea…

  • Penguin HEM

    My list to Santa 2015

    I haven’t really have the time to think much about what I would like this year from Christmas. But I managed nonetheless to make a small list: -Turned Penguin Oak from HEM…

  • Liebster Award

    Liebster Award

    I was nominated for a Liebster Award by Kay from iTravelista. She just started a travel blog and I’m sure that she will be very successful. This award exists only on the…

  • Cigale Muette Monochromic

    My birthday wish list 2015

    July is my favourite month of the year. Not only because it’s summer but also because it’s my birthday!!!! To help my boyfriend to buy me a present I like (after 10…

  • Rem

    Summer fragrances

    I’m a summer girl. I’ve always been and will always be. In summer, I feel at my best. I’m happy and fully appreciate the small pleasures of life. And one of my…